Welcome to the English department!

English at our school is taught grades 5 – 10. Grade 5 and 6 get five weekly lessons,
grade 7 – 10 have four weekly lessons. In grade 7 students are divided into two
different levels. In grade 9, some students take their ESA exams and leave school. In grade 10, the students take their MSA exams.

Englisch wird an unserer Schule in den Jahrgangsstufen 5-10 unterrichtet.
In den Klassenstufen 5-6 fünfstündig, in 7-10 vierstündig. In Klassenstufe 7,

Einteilung in Grund- und Erweiterungskurse. In Klassenstufe 9 Teilnahme am ESA,
in Klassenstufe 10 am MSA.

At Dietrich Bonhoeffer School 8 teachers form the English department.
We use Orange Line Textbooks through all grades.
8 Lehrerinnen und Lehrer bilden die Fachschaft Englisch.
Wir verwenden das Lehrwerk Orange Line in allen Jahrgangsstufen.

Topics through the years are for example:

We truly believe that learning a language should be a fun, enriching and personal experience.
The most important aspect of learning a new language is communication.

Role-plays are a good way to expand your vocabulary in a playful manner. Enjoy a piece of a typical lesson in ‘year 7’!